Silk Lanterns

Our silk lanterns are imported from Southeast Asia. These beautiful silk hanging lanterns are made of 100% Jacquard silk on a bamboo frame.Each silk lantern is handmade by a skilled artisan one piece at a time. These silk lanterns look very classy and will ad a nice Asian touch to any room. They may also be illuminated by a chandalier bulb for a warm exotic glow at night. These are the same silk lanterns you may have seen at high end retail stores for $55 to $95 each!

Size: Our lanterns are aboout 14 inches tall by 14 inches wide measured from the top wood and bottom wood. They are actually over 24 inches tall measured from the top wood to the bottom of the tassle.


Shipping: We ship twice a day 6 days a week. Your order will be sent out the day it is received (except Sunday).You should receive your order in 2 to 3 days.We ship by U.S. Postal Service and UPS.

Free shipping for orders over $75


We also carry star lamps and original design Chinese paper lanterns.


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